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FREE BONUS #1: Exclusive Forex Manual
Here are just some of the topics covered inside this indispensable manual: Complete coverage of all of the Currency Exchange Systems, Spot Market, Forward Market, Futures Market, Economic Fundamentals, Economic Indicators, Technical Analysis, Types of Charts, Trends, Support and Resistance, Trend Reversal Patterns, Trend Continuation Patterns, Gaps, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Stochastics, MACD, RSI, Fibbonacci Analysis and Elliot Wave Theory, Managing Foreign Exchange Risks...

FREE BONUS #2: Inside the Trading Mind
Ten ways to stay focused for Real-Time Traders: Take two traders. Give them the same starting capital, the same trading platform, the same market and the same trading system with precise rules for entry and exit. Come back a month later and what will you find? One trader will be up, the other will be down. It is fascinating how two people can have the same opportunities in life, and yet get very different results. Inside of this ebook you will find the top ten ways to stay focused and take the most from your trading system...

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